Peace Of Mind


That’s what you want when deciding to make an online purchase.

That’s what you get when you purchase from a eMarketTrust certified vendor.


The first global marketing certification authority


When you want to make a decision to purchase something online, the biggest worry is… IS IT A SCAM?


When you see this eMarketTrust you are assured that both the company behind the product and the person selling the product to you have passed stringent tests, and are continually audited.


Look out for this logo.  For your own safety.

100% Purchase Price Protection


All eMarketTrust certified companies have an audited track record of honoring their price guarantees in accordance with their terms and conditions.


Not just once or twice… but every single time.


So you know that if you change your mind, you’ll get your money back with no hassle.


0% False Promises


Sick of lies?


So are we.


All eMarketTrust certified sellers have been verified, that they do not make false promises or resort to unethical sales techniques.


We’ve got you covered

Whoever you are…


I sell my own products online

VendorShield PRO

I sell my own products online through marketplaces and affiliates


I sell other people’s products online as a marketplace


I sell other people’s products online as an affiliate

Our Vision

To build a safe and trusted online market where people trade with confidence


This is our WHY – our PURPOSE.  


We are independent professionals, Lawyers, Auditors, Online Entrepreneurs.


We believe the internet has the potential to be the most efficient and transparent trading platform for goods and services of all sorts.


We believe that online commerce can help individuals from all walks of life.  It can break the poverty trap.


First we need to make it safe.  Safe for us, and safe for our children.

Our Mission

By transforming the internet into a trusted environment for commerce


By providing protection to buyers, sellers and affiliates


This is HOW… how we will achieve our PURPOSE to build a safe and trusted online market where people trade with confidence.


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